Culture of Mauritius

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Culture of Mauritius:

I chose the culture of Mauritius because I saw a documentary about the isle some months ago and I was caught by the beautiful landscape as well as the amount of endemic plants and animals from the island.

Mauritius is an island state in the southwest of the Indian Ocean near Madagascar. The capital city of the main isle is called Port Louis. The slogan of Mauritius is: “Stella clavisque Maris Indici”. This is Latin and can be translated as “star and key of the Indian Ocean”. Most of the people who live there come from India, but there are also some from Europe or China. In Mauritius also live creoles who are former slaves from Madagascar and Africa. Therefore, a lot of different languages are spoken from Hindi to France. Nevertheless, English is the official language.

There have never been natives in Mauritius. The first settlement took place in the year 1505 by the Portuguese. They were followed by the Dutchman later by the French and the last occupiers were the Britain until the year 1968. Since that year Mauritius is an independent country. The name Mauritius comes originally from the Dutch prince Moritz von Oranien.

Because of the reason that Mauritius is one of the view African democratic countries where stability exist industry, finance and tourism started to move there. Besides the production of sugarcane the most important income derives from the tourism which increased the standard of living. Tourists may know some stamps Mauritius is famous for. Especially the red and the blue Mauritius which are called the “Red Penny” and the “Blue Penny” are very seldom and valuable. Mauritius was the fifth country on earth that introduced stamps.

The colonial and immigration history is reflected in the culture. There are a lot of different festivals during the year. Each festival refers to a celebration day of various cultures. The Chinese Spring Festival for example takes place between January and February. At this time the...
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