Culture of Disneyland Paris

Topics: Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, Walt Disney, The Walt Disney Company Pages: 2 (470 words) Published: December 10, 2008
The culture of Disneyland Paris Values The total quality of the returned service. The dream, the imagination, the spectacle(entertainment). The courtesy and the punctuality of " cast members " (any inaccuracy in this domain can be source(spring) of redundancy(dismissal)). Myths Walt Disney: myth of origin. Disney World: myth of success. America: heroic myth. The eternal youth: myth of the man child. Rites The recruitment: first initiatory rite. Three conversations(maintenances) are foreseen(planned) to reveal the perfectly bilingual candidates (even trilingual) and having the profile corresponding to the values of the group. The brochure of reception sets the tone: " cometo play the role of your life. Enter the magic world of Disney ". The salary of one " cast member " beginning varies between 6 000 and 7 000 true raw products In it are added certain fringe benefits, such as 20 % of reduction on products Disney. The formation(training): the second initiatory rite. The new " cast members " follow a training course at the university Disney during which they learn not only the name of the first character of Disney, but also how to smile. For all them " cast members ", including frames(executives): disguise at least once in a character!a month he managers as for them, follow a training course in the United States. Taboos Quite new " cast member " receives a brochure of 13 pages, which presents all the "prohibitions" which " go against the image Disney ". For example, it is specified that " nor the discoloration, the dye, the drills(locks) or the sweeping(scanning) are authorized "; for the men(people), it is necessarily necessary the port(bearing) of shoes and black socks? Neither beard, nor mustache are allowed in it. The size(cutting) of nails, and skirts, as well as the dimension of earrings are determined to it. The use of a deodorant, and " the port(bearing) of sous clothes...
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