Culture in Hilton Worldwide and Ritz Carlton Worldwide

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Culture in Hilton Worldwide and Ritz Carlton Worldwide
Ashley Couch
MBA683-D4B3 Project Management
Benedictine University
Organizational culture is defined as a system of shared norms, beliefs, values, and assumptions which binds people together, creating shared meanings. Culture reflects the personality of the organization and similar to an individual’s personality it enables people to predict the attitudes and behaviors of organizational members. Culture is one of the defining aspects of an organization and it set it apart from other similar types of organizations. The values and behaviors of an organization contribute to the unique social and psychological environment of an organization. It includes an organization's expectations, experiences, philosophy, and values that hold it together, and is expressed in its self-image, inner workings, interactions with the outside world, and future expectations. It affects the organization's productivity and performance, and provides guidelines on customercare and service, product quality and safety, attendance and punctuality, and concern for the environment. There are ten dimensions that exist when assessing an organization that provide a composite picture of the culture.When an organization is clearly defined it gives its employees and customers shared perceptions that they can relate to and identify with and grow to be a part of it.

Many companies today are looking to incorporate project management into them and with that come a strongly defined organizational culture and structure. There are many companies that intrigue many customers and employees today. Two companies will be evaluated based on their organizational structure. The two companies that will be compared are Hilton Worldwide and Ritz Carlton Worldwide. Both American born companies and both very successful and two of the most respected brands in the world today. Times have changed where more and more companies are expanding to the overseas markets. With change comes competition and it is becoming more difficult for companies to do business overseas due to the large amount of competition that are expanding to the new world of a global marketplace (Economic Times, 2012). However, over the last one hundred and thirteen years, Hilton and Ritz Carlton have risen to the challenge to be the best they can be in their field and as companies overall. Hilton Hotels began in 1925; Conrad N. Hilton aimed to operate the best hotel in Texas. Due to his diligence and fortitude, Hilton Hotels are one of the most respected hotel chains in the world (). The history begins in Boston for the Ritz Carlton hotel chain. The legacy of The Ritz-Carlton, Boston begins with the celebrated hotelier Cesar Ritz, the “king of hoteliers and hotelier to kings.” His philosophy of service and innovations redefined the luxury hotel experience. Both hotel chains speak volumes when mentioning comfort and extravagance. If discussing organizations or just merely jobs, both of these are described as organizations. Professional atmospheres that embody the luxury attitude and comfort that is afforded to all of the guests. Hilton has values that are followed by all of the employees and makes the employees feel proud of where they work. The values are based on the name, itself, spelled with the letters, H-I-L-T-O-N. Hospitality – We are passionate about delivering exceptional guest experiences; Integrity - We do the right thing, all the time; Leadership – We are leaders in our industry and in our communities; Teamwork – We are team players in everything we do; Ownership – We are the owners of our actions and decisions; Now - We operate with a sense of urgency and discipline. Hilton’s vision is clear, yet concise, to fill the earth with the light and warmth of hospitality (Hilton Worldwide, 2013). The Ritz Carlton also has values in which they serve their guests by and they are: build strong relationships...

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