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Topics: Venice, Republic of Venice, Venetian language Pages: 2 (209 words) Published: December 19, 2014
Venetian Culture
Christian Frazier, Khaliyah Smartt, Daja Stevenson

452: Refugees flee mainland to Lagoon Islands (Attila’s Hun

466: Council of 12 lagoon townships formed
568: Mainland settlement abandoned
727: First Doge (leader) elected
810: Settlement at Rivo Alto (Modern Venice)
1000: Dalmatia captured; empire begins
1204: Constantanople captured by Venice and 4 th crusaders 1255: War with Genoa
1509: Decisivly defeated at Agnadello by League of Cambrai 1797: Venice surrenders soverignty ending 1,070 years of
Republican government

Venetian Language
“Na ƚengua soƚa no ƚa xé mai bastansa”
 One language is never enough

“El me barchin el/'l xe pien de bisati”
 My hovercraft is full of eels

People in Venice speak Venetian, which is
mixed with also mixed with spanish.

Francesco Fosari: In
1423, Francesco Fosari
became doge of Venice.
Venice doesn’t have a
capital being that is a

Grand Canal

St. Mary of

the Friars

Lagune von


Marco Polo
Marco Polo was born in 1254, in

Venice and he was a famous
explorer from Italy of the
Roman Catholic religion and
brought back important
information from a significant
amount of European countries
and wrote a book about his
travels. Polo died in 1324.

Venetian Culture
Venice is known for it’s infamous masquerade

balls that were once year round, but a new
law prevented it.

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