Culture Fair Intelligence Test 1
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Culture Fair Intelligence Test
Raymond Bernard Cattell

- Late 1920’s
- Publications of the Cattell Group and Individual
Intelligence Tests (1930)
- 1935, revision of scales into non-verbal form
- 1940, items are completely perceptual, organized to six subtests. Out of 159 items analyzed, 72 of the satisfactory validity and reliability were retained for the published edition.

- 1949, adopted the format which has been retained, consisting of 4 subtests (series, classification, matrices and conditions).
- 1961, slight adjustment in the difficulty level sequencing of a few items. Norms were expanded to achieve better national representation in the formal tables.

- Eliminate any social or cultural advantages and disadvantages - Help identify learning or emotional problems
- culture fair or culture “free” test.

- Non-verbal paper-pencil test that can be administered to patients as young as 4 years old - Patient only needs the ability to recognize shapes and figures and perceive their respective relationships.
- Completing Series, Classifying, Solving
Matrices and Evaluating Conditions

- Can be administered to groups or individually
- Instructions must be read and be familiarized by the examiner.
- Examiner must have a stopwatch.
- Appropriate remarks, motivate examinees and instructions must be read in an unhurried, friendly conversational manner.

Reliability of the Culture Fair Test:
Scale 2
Method of

Across Samples:
Short Form (A)

Description of

Consistency Over


3999 Males and Females
(Elementary, Junior High
School and High School
Students, Job Corps
Groups, other Adults through age 60)

Consistency Over


832 Males and Females
(Junior High School and
High School Students, Job
Corps Groups

Consistency Over


650 Males and Females
(Elementary and Junior
High School Students)


Validity of the Culture Fair Test: Scale
Method of

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