Culture Diversity Within

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Culture Diversity Within

1/12/2014 Durham
Culture Diversity Within

When we look at the many different cultures we have around the world, we begin to wonder how everyone gets along when placed together. Nevertheless, when we look at the United States we see many of those cultures among us, for instance we have Hispanics, Muslims, African Americans, Indians, and English here in the U.S. However, when we put so many different cultures here in the U.S, there tends to be issues like prejudice, racist remarks, and discrimination. When learning about culture diversity, I thought I knew everything there was about it. Well to be honest I never knew the half of things, when it came to what all the different cultures went through here I was amazed at how people acted. While studying the many different cultures, I learned that people treated people poorly because of their color, beliefs, and political views. When looking at the information that I have learned about diversity in the United States of America, I think it has helped me in many ways to understand and relate to others. Have heard many people say “the United States is a giant melting pot of several different races, ethnicities, and cultures” and from that I learned that everyone no matter what race, ethnic, culture, or religion you may be we are all similar in many ways. However, I do know that we have our differences as well, but no one should be treated differently because of that. Nonetheless, when looking at the many different cultures, I have learned to accept them no matter how different one may be from me. Therefore, by accepting the different cultures in our society I have learned new ideas and thoughts on living certain ways, I have also learned different ways of thinking as well as trying different things like foods. However; all these different cultures share a few important things, and a few of them are loves one another, fitting in, and being happy. I have learned a few new things about my own racial, ethnic, and cultural history. Seeing how I have many different cultures in me I will start off with Irish. With my Irish background I have learned that the Irish immigrants were considered to be unworthy and treated as if they were uneducated. Another thing I have learned is that the African Americans were not the only ones used for slavery, so was the Irish. The Irish had to work jobs that no one else wanted and was paid very little and was made to live in horrible conditions. The other culture that I have in me is Native American, with that being said a lot of people now that when Christopher Columbus came to America the Europeans claimed to have been the only people here. However, the Native Americans where here and had their land taken from them, they had their land taken by trickery, purchase, or death. Still to this day the Native Americans get discriminated against by institutionalized racism. Another known fact that I found out, is that there are more Native Americans that are sexual abused then Europeans which puts Native Americans at a three and a half percent higher than the national average. However, the alcoholism and suicide rate is higher among Native Americans, and the Native Americans do not trust the government so a lot of cases go unnoticed because of that. However, when looking in to my culture further I have found out that I have Jewish in me as well, with knowing that we all know the sacrifices that they was faced with specially back in the Holocaust times. Still to this day they are faced with racist remarks about them being Jew bags and not wanting to spend money. I also know that it is against their religion to marry someone that is not of the Jewish descending. I think in 2050 there will no longer be a majority and I think that we will become a...

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