Culture Discrimination in School

Topics: Discrimination, United States, Ethnic group Pages: 2 (550 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Name :Lisbeth Racines
Section : English 085.
Culture Discrimination in School

Magdoline Asfahani.'s “Time to Look and Listen “ is a descriptive essay in wich Magdoline explains how she expirience Culture discrimination in school and try to balance her identity in ways that honored her parents cultures while embracing American-born values. Magdoline states that , is painful and hard to keep emotions under control , her anger , resentment , pain can breack though and overwhelm what she try to portray in a cool , rational manner . Magdoline explains how she deal with discrimination in her school because of her culture . In the essay , Magdoline expands the reasons of been discrimanate because of her ethnicity , race and for be an immigrant at school.

First , Magdoline describes ethnicity as culture discriminatio in school . She explains that as a younh child immigrant raised with a conscious respect for America that many people take for granted. . She further explains that discrimination is not unique to America because it occurs in any country that allows immingration . Magdoline clearly states that “Anyone who is unlike the majority is looked at the a little suspiciously , dealt with a little differently. “(68). She affirms that everything change for her U.S Marine barracks in Beirut had been bombed, at school her classmates ataunt her with cruel names , attacking her heritage and religion . She said that after a while she try to forget her ethnicity because her classmates told her that she came from an uncivilixed , brutal place .Magdoline did feel like to murderers.

Second , In the essay Magdoline expands on the reasons that race is a culture discrimination in school . She affirms that beacuse of her race she stopped inviting friends over dinner , because she thought the food was weird. She said that it is humiliate for her to let her friend know where her parents come from because of their accents...
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