Culture Differences and Perspectives in Societies

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Culture differences and perspectives in societies
Dennis Frost
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Culture is what people are born into and raised up around. There are many different cultures, culture diversity and so many different diets exist within these cultures. The three main sociological perspectives are Functionalism, Conflict and interactionism. Ethnocentrism is when a person has the mindset of finding their own culture or subculture superior to their own and take for granted the culture in which they were born. Culture relativism basically means that culture customs that are socially acceptable in one culture may not be socially acceptable to another culture. This paper will explain how all humans have some type of ethnocentrism and relativism as well as the three main sociological theories.  

Culture differences and perspectives in societies
Culture what does this mean and how does it affect all humans. Culture is how sociologist defines learned behavior by people or members of a social group. A British anthropologist was the first to define culture in 1871; His name was Edward B. Taylor. His definition was referred to as that “complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, morals, law, custom, art, laws, and any other capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of society” (Lexicon Universal encyclopedia, p.384 Vol. 5, 1985). Since the time of Edward’s definition of culture many anthropologist have fine-tuned and created many different versions of this definition. All anthropologists agree on culture being a behavior that has been learned by genetically endowed. This behavior begins at birth and continues as the baby is raised in a particular culture. Human culture as a general rule includes behavior, etiquette, food habits as well as other arts practiced in a society (Lexicon Universal encyclopedia, Vol. 5, 1985). Culture Diversity is widespread throughout the world. Culture diversity basically means what may be right in one...

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