Culture Difference in Marriage

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Culture Difference in Marriage
Marriage is a kind of necessary process for human in all-major civilization around the world that wants to spend their life together. But the point of view people look at it and treat it varies from culture to culture. Through my observation, the norms of marriage between China and America are distinguished by a large scale. I would like to talk about 3 aspects including dating pattern, wedding traditions and family ties. When males and females are dating, people consider factors like age, family background, money and work more in China. Though love comes the first in a relationship nowadays, the standards of finding a spouse have not changed too much. As an old Chinese saying goes, people who come from families of equal social rank are matched for marriage. When the relationship moves forward to marriage, parents’ force may come into and have a great impact on their children’s decision. This concept is deeply rooted in Chinese marriage norms because Chinese believe that a good material condition is the basis of a happy marriage life. A blind date is also widely accepted by Chinese people. While in the America, people ponder more on religions, interests and characteristics. The feeling for each other is the foundation of a relationship, and marriage is a private affair between the two couple, so it is none of their parents’ business. To Americans, marriage is just a continuation of their romance and happy life. Even if Chinese have adopted many processes of western wedding ceremony, the main customs remain the same. And more couples prefer to add some western style to their traditional wedding ceremony as an icing on the cake. A Chinese wedding is often filled with bright red color-dress, flowers, ribbons, tablecloth and much more because red symbols happiness and prosperity. Before the dinner party, a lot of activities enrich the daytime of the ceremony. The groom and the bride are isolated from each other in the...
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