Culture Continuation and Change (Compare and Contrast Us and Egypt)

Topics: Culture, United States, Egypt Pages: 4 (1068 words) Published: March 31, 2011
Culture Continuation and Change (compare and contrast US and Egypt)

Continuity in American Culture
Religion, language and cuisine are perhaps the most enduring aspects of the culture of the United States. Take religion to begin with. Under the auspices of the First Amendment, the US Constitution does not recognize the superiority of any religious establishment neither does it unduly prejudice against any religion. That notwithstanding, religion is a continuous aspect of American culture due to a variety of factors i.e. beliefs, traditions, values and ideals. Due to beliefs and traditions, America recognizes certain religious festivities such as Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter Holidays. Religious ideals in turn bring people together through the spirit of festivity.

As the unofficial national language, the English language is an enduring cultural aspect, which is a symbol of national unity. The contributing factor to this continuity is the spirit for national unity, which is recognized through a common language. What is the impact of this continuity to the American people? First, this continuity creates a cultural identity. Second, it fosters national pride. The English language creates an American identity, which symbolizes national pride.

Finally yet importantly, cuisine is an enduring aspect of American culture. Barbeque, fried chicken, apple pie, cotton candy, Pennsylvania Dutch and crab cakes are among the most notable culinary delights. Traditions and customs are the most driving factors of American culinary continuity. For example, Turkey serves as the traditional Thanksgiving main dish. The impact of this culinary continuity is that people claim ‘cultural identity’ by upholding traditions and customs of their forefathers.

Changing aspects of American culture
Fashion, popular culture and mass media are perhaps the most dynamic aspects of American culture. Fashion in the United States has registered the most dynamic evolution throughout the...
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