culture collision

Topics: Racism, United States, White American Pages: 3 (1327 words) Published: September 30, 2013

Culture collision plays a role in the world everyday in different situations. Culture collision is when two different cultures collide. When a person from a different country and culture move they have to adjust to whatever the culture of the place they moved to is. For example, immigrants moving from foreign countries to the United States have to change their whole life style to fit in with the culture of the U.S. They would have to get used to the life style of being an American such as learning the language, abiding by rules and regulations that we have, adapting to the weather change depending on where they moved to in the U.S, and the different currency. Many of the immigrants that come to America are criticized by U.S citizens when they come to America.

The play Risen from the Dough depicts the life of immigrants in America and how they think they are treated. The play gives two different views on how immigrants feel in America. The one character Maryse, the owner of the bakery, feels that Americans look at Haitians as dirty people. The author uses a lot of flashback moments to where Maryse talks about how she does everything her mother taught her and Leonide, the other female character that works at the bakery, in Haiti. The author shows the plot description very well. The plot is shown right away when Maryse calls Americans “racist devils,” and how they think Haitians are dirty, showing a stereotype about Haitians that Haitian immigrants believe. The plot is based around the feelings of Maryse about how she is looked at by Americans. Same-race discrimination is also displayed by the author when Maryse talks about black families with money think that they are better than her. It kind of shows contradiction because she started off talking about how only whites are discriminating against Haitian but then she states how black families with money are the same way. Even though the play shows discrimination and stereotypes against Haitians, other races...
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