Culture Background

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Culture Background

The Irish culture and the American Culture have many similarities but both cultures also have some differences. Some of the similarities that Irish and American culture has are the holidays that both cultures celebrate. The cultures share some popular sporting events but they originated in Ireland and eventually introduced in the United States. The traditional food recipes that came from the Irish culture in Ireland and now American culture enjoy during Saint Patrick’s Day. Some of the differences that the Irish and American culture do differently is the music that people listen to and the traditional dancing, the language that is spoken, and the wide range of religions and race. There are some minor differences between the Irish and American culture which are how both cultures celebrate holidays and sports that are played.

The norms of the Irish and American culture have a wide range of similarities that each culture shares. Saint Patrick’s is celebrated in Ireland and in the United States by having the popular dinner that consist of corn beef, cabbage, and potatoes. The St. Patrick’s celebration people tend to have fun with drinking famous Irish alcohol beverage like genius and Jameson Whiskey and dancing. Irish people love sports that are also played in the United States which are: rugby; a sport that is with a football that can be carried for a distance of four steps and can be kicked or toss from player to player that are on the same team to score point by get the football over their opponent’s crossbar, hockey, swimming, and hurling; a sport that is played on ice between two teams of four players, with a broom that is used to try to get a stone disk down the playing field to get the closest to the bulls eye on the target that on the ice. Irish and American culture has many similarities but is done differently. (


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