Culture Assimilation

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Culture Assimilation

1) Definition of the topic:
In the article The Importance of 'Community' in the Process of Immigrant Assimilation." International Migration Review by Joseph P. Fitzpatrick it explains how there is two steps to assimilating which are, cultural assimilation and social assimilation. It defines cultural assimilation as “adapting to values, norms, and expectations” (6). Immigrants change their personal beliefs and adapt to a new lifestyle. After culturally assimilating it says immigrants, socially assimilate, which is described as leaving a culture and being accepted into another culture. With this said, an immigrant first changes their values and then they are accepted into a group. There is controversial issues about whether if a immigrant changes their lifestyle, are they actually going to be accepted or not. It ties in community with assimilation explaining how community is a important factor of assimilating. A community surrounds a person with people they can relate to and provides security and confidence. Having a community gives a person the comfort feeling of assimilating with a group and not alone which makes the transition of assimilating easier for an immigrant. Cultural Assimilation is defined as letting go of your own culture such as leaving traditions, customs, language, beliefs and etc behind. So that one can interact with natives new customs. Assimilating into a new society is not only adapting into the culture but its adapting into a new lifestyle that one chooses to belong too. When an immigrant migrants in order to be accept by society the migrant must change their views and way of lifestyle. As an example the American is accustomed to be in a hurry at all times. The American is always running around with many duties waiting to be finished as a rushed community the American way does not allow the American to interact with family as much as a immigrant might do with his or her family. In particular, the Mexican has the...

Bibliography: Fitzpatrick, Joseph P. "The Importance of 'Community ' in the Process of Immigrant Assimilation." International Migration Review 1.1 (1966): 5-16.
Miller, John J. "Assimilation Enriches America 's Melting Pot." Insight on the News, 10.40 (1994): 20.
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