Culture and Sociology

Topics: Marriage, Sociology, Family Pages: 4 (1537 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Question #1 – We know that culture is simply a way of life practiced by a society, therefore society creates culture and such culture as passed on from generation to generation. However there are many reason a culture may change. Changes come in the way of environment, inventions, innovation, technology and contact with other cultures. Material culture is an element of culture. A few examples of material culture are clothing, toys, and housing. These are continually changing elements of culture. When I was young, everyone wore big, baggy jeans. Today, the style is “skinny jeans.” These are literally skin-tight, sometimes brightly-colored jeans. Beliefs and language are also elements of culture. These are reinforced through knowledge in social institutions. For those of us who believe in God, we must reinforce our beliefs through gaining more knowledge in church. Language must be reinforced through education. Norms are also an element of culture that is ever-changing. Gay marriage was once considered a mores. In recent years it has become a norm that society is beginning to accept. I believe America has become a bit more tolerant in regards to cultural changes. In the mid-1960s the hippie counterculture was created. Now we have a modern day hippies that could be considered a subculture rather than a counterculture. They are a slightly modified version of the original hippies. They have adapted and their beliefs to our current culture and current events happening. Their clothing is a modified version of what was worn by the original hippies. The 1960s hippies may suggest that modern day hippy’s behavior could be called real culture. Some modern day hippies may look the part, but may not actually practice the culture entirely. Question #2 – Between the ages of six and thirteen I grew up with a devout Christian mother and far less religious father. My mother was a homemaker and the disciplinarian of the household while my father was the bread winner. Working six...
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