Culture and Praise

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“Culture of Capitalism and Praise in Consumerism” Discussion

After reading this these articles I was perusing Pinterest and I found a statement that made me think about how to write this discussion. The statement said “L ve w th L ss” with the second letter missing from each word. Just like these articles our culture has become the instant gratification of what we desire. Living with less is no longer the constitution of the American Dream. Often, we see it is more to have then to hold and cherish and it is more to want then to live with what we need. Integrity in what we do is or how hard we work for it is not the concern any longer. It’s how much we can get for little work we can do for it.

“Culture of Capitalism” When the getting is good get all you can. Is this how we are teaching our future leaders of America? Obviously that is the correct answer and we are losing the battle to bad economy with people losing their jobs and their lives because of it. There are no longer any ethics in business and allegiances do not exist. The article talks about the best work a worker can give. Of course, I am sure that has to do with getting the most money out of their best work. Numbers we have all fallen to the black and white of it all.

“In Praise and Consumerism” Capitalism at its best, consumerism has taken the stage of what use to make the excuse to buy more. The vultures of media to swarm the podium of existence to find us filed up on the couch to see the next commercial while watching the Super Bowl. How silly we have made ourselves become the addicts of how clearly the producer wants us to be. Having more and buying more is the essence of our lives. Sellers are out to make as much as they can from the consumer no matter the product. However, the consumer is not using their resources and not asking the right questions about the need of the product. The more we have the better we are, is that really what it has come to. In conclusion the real...
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