Culture and Intelligence paper

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Types of Intelligence
Jessica Francisco
PSYC 3540
Culture and Intelligence
Capella University
July, 2015

Musical, Interpersonal, and Body Kinesthetic Intelligence
One of the most important things in life is our different types of cultures. We as a people must take a closer look at out different cultures which gives the word a sense of meaning. This meaning is a representation of the human mind. For this assignment, I will explore the intelligence of the American and African cultures. The three dimensions of intelligence I chose to measure are: Musical, Interpersonal, and Bodily kinesthetic intelligence. Musical intelligence is the ability to know the different tones, beats, and rhythm of a single piece of music. This intelligence gives someone the ability to recreate music in such a creative unique way. This is done by people who can sing and people with a sensitive ear to composers musicians and so forth. Individuals with this kind of intelligence are often young people and are usually singing and making beats to themselves in their head. They are able to pick up on sounds that other people may not here (Gardner, 2008). Interpersonal intelligence gives an individual the power to understand and efficiently and effectively interact with other people. This intelligence deals with verbiage and nonverbal communication. It is by way of knowing distinctions between individuals, to detect the mood and the temperaments of individuals, and to be able to deal with multiple personalities. These people are normally in the business of politics, social work, teachers, volunteers, or actors. People who have the interpersonal intelligence are often young adults who often grown up to be leaders and or highly looked up to by their peers. They have great communication skills and understand the feelings and motivations of other people (Gardner, 2008). Body kinesthetic intelligence is the ability to manipulate objects and use different type of physical skills. This type of intelligent also deals with the sensor of perfection in timing of skills throughout the mind and body. People who obtain this type of intelligence are athletes, dancers, or surgeons (Gardner, 2008). Body kinesthetic means an individual has a powerful sense of awareness in their body. Some of the abilities include: using all parts of the body to figure out dilemmas, learning by using bodily movement and presentation to gain knowledge, better understanding of the body language using the body to effectively communicate with all people, ability to minimize stress levels in different areas in the body, and build up the association within the mind and body (Multiple Intelligences, 2012). The American Culture vs The African Culture

The American culture is a great state of numerous colors, all types of religion, and is made up of people who speak various languages from all over the entire world. Americans are known to be very independent and sometimes individualistic and doing their own thing. They try to be different and stand out amongst the huge crowds. The American culture is also known as The “Melting Pot” because there are so many different cultures that contribute to giving this culture its flavor (Encyclopedia, 2015). The African culture is described as a rich and diverse culture throughout the whole country. This culture is made up of ethnic groups that focuses on family and can be identified through their beautiful works of arts, talented music, and literature. All around Africa there are people who speak multiple languages and they practice a lot of religions. The majority of individuals who live in Africa are people who have migrated to Africa hundreds of years ago (Encyclopedia, 2015). The Intelligence these Cultures Favor

The type of intelligence the American culture favor the most is the interpersonal intelligence. People of the American culture speak generally and are very...

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