Culture and Arts

Topics: Art, Music, Culture Pages: 1 (257 words) Published: May 19, 2012
Culture and Arts

What is culture? Culture is an inherited idea that distinguishes one group of people from another. Every society has different cultures that share languages, traditions and behaviors. Having a different culture gives people an identity that makes them unique and different from other citizens. What about the different components? Various languages are important part of culture. Religion and beliefs are also important part of what the people believe in. The value of culture is achieved through great worth and things that are worth value. To define art it is an expression that is created by humans who have an imagination of a visual form such as a painting or a sculpture. Visual arts are something that has to be seen, such as paintings or photographs. Another form of art is music people listen to music everyday whether it is on the radio or hearing it from a musical instrument. Also known in the visual arts family is Architecture. It is known for its planning and designing of buildings and homes. Literature is a form of speech and writing. We use literature for language, such as commutating with words. Other forms of Literature are writing, like poetry or fiction and nonfiction books. The role of an artist has changed throughout the years. Artists are looked at as well educated people who stand alone in society. Artists influence culture every day, whether its art, music, theater or poetry. It gives the artist a chance to speak their minds while they are expressing their innermost thoughts.
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