Culture Analysis

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Cultural analysis

| Vietnam|
Individualism | 20|
Power distance| 70|
Masculinity | 40|
Uncertainty Avoidance| 30|
Long-Term Orientation| 80|
Individualism focuses on the degree to which members of a culture focus on the individual or the group. In fact, Vietnam is a low individualism ranking type society with a more collectivist nature which means that the individuals bear strong ties amongst themselves. Floreal Knitwear Ltd will have to operate along with the culture and norms of Vietnam in order to lessen the difference of culture.

Power Distance

Power Distance concerns the level of equality or inequality amongst people in the society. A high power distance ranking shows that employees are afraid to take risks as they are in a certain way scared of their bosses who tend to be autocratic. In Vietnam, the level of power distance is high and this means that the Floreal Knitwear Ltd will have to operate in an adequate way as regard towards the authority such as the government.


Masculinity focuses on how the society reacts to the masculine work which is associated with achievement, assertiveness and material success. On the other hand, femininity focuses more on quality of life and good decision making. In Vietnam, there is a rather low masculinity level which means that Vietnamese prefer quality of life to material success. Floreal Knitwear Ltd will have to take that into consideration while recruiting and managing the organization. They will have to give proper motivation and offer facilities to the employees who will consider it profitable both for the company and his family.

Uncertainty avoidance

Uncertainty avoidance deals with the level of tolerance of the society towards uncertainty and doubt. In a high uncertainty...
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