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Scientists define culture as the total life way of a people, the social legacy the individual acquires from his group and can be regarded as that part of the environment that is the creation of man. Culture is what would make you feel shame or guilty. Culture manifests in beliefs, values, myths, legends, icons, language, dress traditions, customs, what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior, and even its unwritten rules in a particular area or group of persons. An example of how culture manifests itself in different ways is when we see that American mothers think that it is important to focus on their children’s successes while Chinese mothers think it is more important to provide discipline for their children. Other example of how culture differs in language meanings is that in some cultures "yes" means, "I hear you" more than "I agree.” One thing that note quickly when we traveled is that Latin Americans make more eye contact, face each other more, and touch more when they speak than North Americans, British or Canadians, this is because the Latin’s personal space usually is kept very small. This is the reason of why we have to investigate before a trip to a country that we know is different to ours. These differences in cultures around the world have caused a lot of misunderstandings because among differences found in the internet there are a lot we still don’t know. As an example here are some listed: Americans have been taught that it's almost always necessary to leave one's server a tip; European countries, the gratuity has often already been included in the bill. In countries, such as Mexico and South Africa, you're expected to tip virtually everyone who helps you. In New Zealand, on the other hand, restaurant patrons almost never leave tips. In some countries, such as Argentina and Vietnam, it's actually illegal to tip servers in restaurants. In Russia, when a man peels a banana for a lady it means he has a romantic interest in her. In México it is...
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