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Culture video

Culture is a product of human that is created and developed in the relationship between human and society. Culture influences cognition and behavior of each individual. To further clarify this issue, Kaiping Peng of the University of California at Berkeley and his colleague Micheal Morris of Stanford University research how people from East Asia and North America interpret behaviors differently.

In this study, American subjects pay more attention to the individual's movements and individual's desires. Whereas Asian subjects pay more attention to the movement of group. When they were asked the reason the blue fish's move, the American student said that the fish want to get away from group, want to be a leaders of the group while the Asian student said that the group fish kick out the individual fish. Cultural differences lead to different perceptions and evaluations of the same issue. The difference can be explained by the distance in culture such as economic, geography, history, religion,… This distance is created for long time ago when the civilization began to exist.

There is a story’s Dr. Peng’s friend – a mass murder that is an evidence of cultural differences. When the American papers say that Gang Lu is a time bomb, he will kill people and that is his essence, the Chinese papers believe that he cannot adjust to American cultures and it influences his psychological (easy to get a gun in US, he have a terrible relationship with other people,…). Perhaps he will not murder if he was in China.

Cultures impact strongly and deeply on individuals. Westerners worship the individualism, they like the difference and prominence in the crowd while Easterners give prominence to collective and respect for community values. For example, in the business, the business uses the difference in thinking to make advertising as well as different products suitable for each market. It...
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