Culturally Diverse Classroom

Topics: Education, Teacher, School, High school, Learning, Educational psychology / Pages: 3 (672 words) / Published: Nov 19th, 2017
For the last decade, there is an increasing trend of different nationality of students studying within the same classroom. Arguments arisen whether this trend will bring benefits or harms to student, will it affect quality of education? In fact, culturally diverse classes help students brainstorm better, more creative ideas; their future contribution to the society can be unlimited. In the article in the Seattle Times, Alexandra Olson (2017, October 26) reports that many companies believe culturally diversified workforce can both produce a better marketing campaign and prevent encountering blunders. Culturally diverse classroom can help students collect and discuss on different ideas, enhancing their thinking and creativity. And thus, when …show more content…
In the article in the New York Times, Marybeth Gasman (2016, June22) argue that colleges and universities in the United States are not able to teach diversified student population, because faculty members are lack of training and knowledge on diversity issues. Since the arguments on culturally diverse classroom are still continuing, not much specific supporting policies and courses allow teachers to acquire knowledge and experience in handling culturally diversified students. When educators are not fully prepared, how can we expect students can benefit from cultural diversified education? Therefore, before we implement culturally diverse education, more training and support should be given by multiple stakeholders like government and Unions to make it …show more content…
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