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It is observed in the recent years that most of the organizations in the market fail when it comes to executing the strategy that they had panned initially. There is a failure percentage of 80% - 90% when it comes to the implementation of the strategy; this has been reported by various sources (Chris Zook, 2010). The Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors (2012) states that for interior review to stay important, it ought to adjust to changing desires and keep up arrangement with the association's targets. The internal audit methodology is crucial to staying applicable - assuming a vital part in attaining the harmony in the middle of expense and quality, while making genuine commitments to the association’s general administration, hazard administration, and interior controls.

This report will be focusing on the Strategic Management of one of the leading companies when it comes to pubs for lease. It was founded in the year of 1997 and has more than 4,300 pubs for lease nationwide (Punch, 2012). The strategic management is in regards with two sorts of reviews, those are the internal audits and the External audits. An efficient and organized methodology can be utilized to create the inner review audit arrangement, serving to empower the interior audit movement to attain its vision and mission (IIA, 2012). Any strategy that has to be successful is dependent on the organisation having a capability of internal strategy that is required by them for their survival in the market and the success that they gain.

Various authors (Ramachandran, 2011; Chong, 2011 and Ismail, 2011) states that Organisational Culture also known as the Hierarchical culture is an example of imparted values and convictions that help people comprehend association works and give them the standard to the conduct in associations. According to an interview posted on (2009) with the Group Director of Human Resources of Punch Taverns, Karren Caddick she states that Punch is a very simple and ‘down to earth’ business. She also adds saying that the company knows what exactly it wants to achieve and that they only hire employees who are passionate about the work that they do. Punch has a very open culture therefore making it very easy for the work to get done as the CEO of Punch Taverns is easily accessible to the staff, which in turn has kept the employee moral high and resulted in retaining of the staff.

We shall now talk about the organisational culture of Punch Taverns (2012). That is: 1. Punch Taverns Purpose
To provide the partners with support and the knowledge that is required in order to run and manage the pub efficiently. It also provides a large range of business support that includes the marketing to the legal and the financial aspects.

2. Vision of Punch Taverns
Their vision is to become the UK’s most valued, trusted and one of the best quality providers leased company.

3. Values of Punch Taverns
Build a sustainable, profitable pub business.
Offering the partners with a great value in terms of business. Offers a flexible agreement on pub leases.
Freedom for the partners to exclude items on the agreement, if they wish to buy them from other sources. A choice of setting up the rent at a higher level for lower product prices.

The cultural web was introduced in the year of 1992 by Gerry Johnson and Kevan Scholes. This acts like a tool for organisations and give them a clear idea if they have to change their organisational culture (MindTools, 2014).

The Cultural Web consists of the six elements that are in the image above which helps in forming the Paradigm that Gerry Johnson and Kevan Scholes introduced.

Cultural Web


Partners (Anya and Jamie Slater) say that their expectations were matched and not just matched but also exceeded.

The employees working with Punch have a different opinion about it, they say that the overall management is good, but the mid- managers are...
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