Cultural Views on Health

Topics: Medicine, Islam, Health care Pages: 3 (762 words) Published: September 4, 2011
Assignment: Cultural Views on Health
Dawn Tootill
Patricia Lamb
University of Phoenix

A huge part of everyone’s life is their health. At a very young age here in America we are taught that if we become sick with an illness or disease we need to seek medical attention to find a cure. However there are many cultures in which their religious beliefs interfere with them being able to seek treatment, because it is a sign from God. This paper will talk about the Middle Eastern Community and their views on health care. Arabs & Muslim Beliefs toward healthcare

The Arab and Islamic religions emphasizes to its members that they need to maintain good health or consequences will result. Muslims in particular will seek medical treatment when needed, but see illness as a sign of sins they may have committed and view death as a sign of a journey or destiny to God. It is believed that worshipping God will ensure their bodies will be in good health and pure, whereas some believe that if God is not believed in, certain illnesses are placed on those people as a way to punish them. Both the Arab and Islamic religions have confidence in medical professionals, however nurses are perceived as only helpers and not health care professionals. This can interfere with health communication barriers because their advice or suggestions are not taken seriously.

Gender plays a major role in the medical attention needed. If an Arab woman is pregnant, for instance, then the medical doctor needs to be a woman as well. A male doctor is frowned upon, unless an emergency arises where there is no one else to help. It is the Arab belief that no other male is even allowed to be in the room before and after the woman gives birth. If you’re a male Arab, you are considered the dominant gender, so it does not matter what gender the doctor is that is giving the treatment or advice. Here in America the gender of a doctor is solely based on that person’s...
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