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cultural realization

By courtneylynne Oct 30, 2013 904 Words
computers/ laptops
movement of seats
text books and anthologies
notes on tables
people scribbling in notebook
people with their hands on their heads
backpacks on the floor
people unzipping bags
computer pages on online shopping, twitter, Facebook, school work people explaining topics of what they know to be the right information for the subject to other people people tapping their feet and their pencils, restless movement from different groups sound of people typing

people clenching
people with headphones
people sitting in sweatpants and sweatshirts
desk, and chair
-mixed genders and races
water bubblers
people in suits
segregated areas
notes on tables
people who appear to be working for the library
group areas
a vending machine with school supplies for people

When thinking of a library there are social and cultural thoughts that automatically pop into ones head on environment and expectation for that particular setting. Like most public places there are proper etiquettes and ways to act. A library in particular being known to be a quiet place with information and means of focus in the expectation to better understand course material. Looking around visually there were signs stating the rules, saying please be quiet, sound-proof area, and no food or drink. All statements that cannot be fully carried out or determined just from observation of sight, hearing, or smell. At the library there was a clear set of rules, yet people still had their coke bottles, and water bottles on the desk, a few tables had loud chatter and laughter, while there was no way to fully observe just from the sign whether or not those rooms were sound proof. The majority of the people all looked alike - sweatpants, hair up, maybe a hood on as they tried to focus with the knowledge of having some time ahead of them. I spoke to a few students who were in suits and ties and they said they were there for something in Isenberg, however the overall norm and visual of the library showed to have a very laid-back and careless appearance.

The setting was a library, open 24 hours to assist the Umass Amherst students in reaching full academic potential. The library has 26 floors is filled with students and teachers of all majors there for a peaceful mindset and comfortable environment with people studying and similar reasons for being there as one another. The scene culturally is quiet, focused, peaceful, and a way to sit down in a place and get work done. School libraries are a little more different then the public libraries in the aspect of yes, you can rent books and DVDs from both. However the school setting is mostly to enhance performance and focus. Participants of the Library are for the most part study groups, students, teachers, and librarians. The addressers are usually the librarians and teachers while the students are the addresses, because of the teachers and librarians feeding information the their audience. The relationship of the librarians are usually made because they students asks for directory of certain information. Students use teachers because of the information they have. Along with there being study groups with students using each other as the addresser and addressees.

The purpose of the library is to get work done and to study and focus on material, in addition to getting away from noisy places such as dorm rooms and student lounges. Outcomes of going to the library is usually accomplished tasks and a better understanding for material

There is no specific sequence of acts that happens at the library. Everyone has their own way of studying and getting work done. However walking through the library many students went from different social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter then back to their material. It seemed a lot of students easily lost focus as they kept the same pattern from site to site.

The key tone of the library is serious and expected to be quiet. Just like the overall setting of focused people, who are trying to get things accomplished. Libraries are known to lack noise and foolishness.

The Instrumentalities of communication in the library run variously- from using YouTube for informational videos, or the Internet such as Wikipedia to understand the concept of homework or an assignment. Students and teachers also have notes as well as verbal communication from other classmates. The formality is pretty simple and the way to speak is changes from whom is speaking to whom, such as strangers, friends, acquaintances or study partners.

The norms of interaction in the library and the reason for peoples’ actions are cultural and societal. The interpretations of a library are understood anywhere you go and are easy to culturally blend if you go to one of the east coast of The United States or the west coast, the idea of a library is the same. There are rules for interaction such as speaking quietly and conducting yourself in a mature manner to not bring attention away from people and their focus. The library norms are quiet; usually people use it to get away from noise and distractions and to grasp a better understanding to study for test and course materials (if they are a student).

The overall Genre of the library is an academic area. Meant to better ones focus with the intention to succeed and get work done.

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