Cultural Pride of China

Topics: China, Chinese literature, SAT Pages: 2 (458 words) Published: May 16, 2012
Cultural pride keeps people in touch with their heritage.
Audience- Children learning about their cultural background
Type of writing- expository

Most people from all over the world know what their culture is. Many show it proudly, whether it be in the way they dress, what they eat, or even the way they act, they all have cultural pride. Cultural pride helps keep people in touch with their heritage passed down through the generations.

As a matter of fact, citizens all over the globe, show some type of cultural reference in the way they live. For example, my friend Shan, she is an exchange student from China, and for the past few months that I have known her, she always talks about her homeland proudly. China, to her, is her home, where all her friends are, where her family has lived for a few generations past, and where she knows all her background came. Just this past month, she has taught me so much about her culture. She celebrated the Chinese New Year on January 23rd, just like she would have done back home. The fact that she still celebrates everything the way she would have done back home is evidence that she takes pride in her culture and who she is.

Furthermore, my friend Shan expresses more cultural pride in other ways, not just her actions while away from China. In China, students are raised to exceed in school, and not to procrastinate. While at school with Shan, I always do my homework during lunch. One day, Shan asked me why I don’t do it when I get home from school. At that moment it occurred to me that Shan has always been taught to stay caught up with all her studying, and she still made sure she did that when she came to the United States because that has been the way she was raised to do so. Another example of this is her studying for the SAT’s. She, not knowing much English, has to study a lot harder than other students, because she has to learn the language and understand each word. She has a booklet of papers that she has written...
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