Cultural imperialism

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Throughout chapters 7 and 10, the textbook has a lot of information regarding the concept of cultural imperialism. “This concept of cultural imperialism is the argument that a large bulk of media products flow from the West, especially the United States, and so powerfully shape the cultures of other nations that they amount to a cultural form of domination” (Croteau, Hoynes, and Milan Location 8298). In this essay I will explain whether or not this concept provides a useful framework to understand global media, what the strengths and weaknesses are, and will provide example from all aspects of this concept.

Cultural Imperialism is the extension of a countries power and influence on many other nations through, in this case, media production. Western corporations embed values and images of Western society in the media products sold. The United States has, for many years, been the most dominant nation when it comes to media and the production of media. American films and music dominates the world’s media and could be found in almost every country. “There is no denying the overwhelming presence that U.S. culture has in other countries. American television, films, and music are common in most societies across the globe. “(Croteau, Hoynes, and Milan Location 8298). For an example, you don’t see many artists from Spain coming to the United States on tour and performing at Madison Square Garden. However, you do have many artists from America (most of the main artists), like Pitbull and Miley Cyrus, going on tour in almost every continent. “For example, global music stars such as Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga were able to sell albums regardless of linguistic differences.” (Croteau, Hoynes, and Milan Location 8298). There is a big reason why this cultural imperialism lies in the hands of the United States. That is because of the substantial budgets that the U.S projects have.

This concept provides a useful framework to understand global media. Since the U.S....
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