Cultural Immersion

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, Dance, United States Pages: 2 (636 words) Published: November 24, 2013
On November 14, 2013, I attended an event held by, “Lakota Dance Troop.” This event was located in Sykes Ballroom C. The scheduled time for the program to begin was at 12:30 PM and end at 1:45 PM. This program was attended by Prof. Ingersoll and his Race Relations classes. This event was attended by people outside of the race relations course as well. The hosts of the event wanted to introduce everyone into their culture before starting the program.

Before the event began, everyone was asked to come outside to the Sykes Student Union Building entrance where the people who were orchestrating the event introduced themselves and sang a song. The individual who was doing the drumming and singing name is Jermaine. After that, we all returned to the ballroom where there were more discussions about the drumming and singing from Native Americans. There they clearly explained to the audience, how the songs they sing can be humorous too. Jermaine provided the viewers with an example, when he decided to sing a song about Face Book in relation to status posts. The Native Americans really enjoy incorporating humor in to their songs because it makes the music that much more interesting and fun. Dancing is also an important part of the Native American culture.

Next, a first grade child by the name of Kato was introduced because he would be performing a dance called “Young Man’s Grass Dance.” This dance consisted of a lot of footwork and he was pretty much in the same place throughout the dance. After that a young girl by the name of Savannah Rose performed a dance called “Young Woman’s Fancy Dance.” Through this dance it was stated that she had a spirit to share from the dance. Savannah’s dance had consisted of numerous twirls and spins in an angelic type movement.

Another dance that was performed is called “The Woman’s Traditional Dance.” This dance was performed by Jennifer Bell who is Jermaine’s wife. This dance involved an upward and downward motion on the tippy...
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