Cultural Geography Assignment (AABBC)

Topics: University of Santo Tomas, Security guard, University Pages: 4 (1250 words) Published: December 11, 2013

1.) Place Identity

"College life, more fun in UST" - patterned from the ad of the Department of Tourism (It's more fun in the Philippines) - is the best phrase that can describe college life in UST. The university is known for various awaited events that are open to the public and some exclusive to the Thomasian community. One of this is the "Welcome Walk" for the freshmen. It is an event annually held, wherein the Thomasian freshmen takes their first walk through the Arch of the Centuries as a tradition of proclaiming them as officially Thomasians. Another high light event in the Thomasian college life is the "USTv Student's Choice Awards On Television" it is an award-giving body by the Thomasians for people with proven excellency in the field of television. Lastly, may be regarded as the most awaited event as a tradition of celebrating the festive christmas season is the "Paskuhan" which showcases different perfomances of Student organizations, live-bands and a spectacular show of pyrotechny. The event sums up the Thomasian way of celbrating Christmas.

If the University of Santo Tomas is a person, He would be old, but young in heart; Rich and honored, yet down to earth. UST, being the oldest University in the Philippines and in the whole of Asia, has laid its foundations in the field of teaching through the centuries. The university has been giving quality education for more than four centuries, yet the university has found its way to catch up with the trend. The university was personified as "old" by the fact of its existence and "young at heart" because of its various ways of making the university up-to-date when it comes to the interests of the young generation. The university was able to jive with the current generation by improving their facilities, services, curriculum, events and etc. The university is also personified as "rich and honored, yet down to earth" because, although being termed by various authorities as...
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