Cultural Event Paper

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The museum I chose to visit for my Cultural Event Report is The Virginia Living Museum. I attended 11/8/2011 with my boyfriend and his daughter. I loved the museum; it had so many different aspects to it and exhibits to see. The two exhibits I was intrigued by were The Virginia’s World of Darkness Gallery and The Virginia’s Underground Valley. The Virginia’s World of Darkness Gallery had a lot of different animals from sharks, which scare me but intrigue me, to moon jellyfish. It intrigued me because I used to go to the beaches around Virginia and would see shark fins and dolphin fins and always wonder about the animals and would love to see them in their habitat. This way you can actually see them and learn about them at the same time. There were other animals there as well like pine voles, flying squirrels, ghost crabs, bats, tree frogs, lobsters, and sting rays. They range from amphibians, aquatic life, mammals, birds, and reptiles. You can see each set of animals in their own habitat. I would definitely suggest everyone visit this museum if they are in the area.

The other exhibit is the Virginia Underground Valley. This exhibit is something I truly loved because when I was a kid I used to collect rocks that were from mining and love to go this exhibit. I would go to the gift shop and get all kinds of souvenirs from my trip. This exhibit has fossil remains, the beauty of rocks and minerals, geology and critters of a limestone cave. It is so beautiful. There are also depictions and carvings of the layers along steep banks of the James River, and gems in an underground mine. If your child is a rock lover, it is definitely the place to take them to.

The exhibits are definitely amazing to go and see if you would love to go on a date on the weekend or just get out of the house one morning. It is also a great place to take your kids to for family time as well. I loved every minute of it and would definitely go back and take my whole family to it....
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