Cultural Diversity Reflection

Topics: Education, Culture, Sociology Pages: 2 (617 words) Published: August 24, 2013
Journal Reflection

The key points in the assigned reading are as follows:
* 5 Dimension of multicultural education (Banks, pg 31-36) * Content Integration: teaching multiple cultures and perspectives in each lesson. * Knowledge Construction Process: establishes methods teachers use to encourage student learning in order for students to understand. * Prejudice Reduction: there are no racial barriers. Teachers are bias to any one culture, ethnic, race, and/or social group which will help develop students with positive racial attitudes. * Equity Pedagogy: modifying of teaching methods to allow students from diverse racial, cultural groups and both genders to succeed. * Empowering School and Social Culture: viewing the school as a whole not just as individuals for fairness regarding culture. * 8 Characteristics of Multicultural School (Banks, pg 37-38) * School staff and administrations attitudes and expectations for students * Curriculum to be for all cultures, ethnics and both genders * Teaching and learning style coincides with the cultural diversity * Respect for first language and dialect

* Instructional materials are to be transformed so they are not pertaining to one social class * Assessment and testing procedure: multicultural students are not classified as mentally retarded they are classified as gifted and talented * Hidden curriculum is never taught but the students learn it. * Counseling program allows multicultural students reach their goals by the counselors assisting with choices to make. * 4 Elements of creating a partnership between school and diverse families (Wegmann and Bowen, pg 9) * Approach-staff reaching out to families

* Attitude-communicating with the families and knowing the students * Atmosphere-structuring a welcoming environment
* Actions/Activities-creating support systems for teachers and families to better...
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