Cultural Diversity in My Community

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Cultural Diversity in My Community

Cindy Kirkland
Cultural Diversity
February 18, 2007

Chino a community being so diverse, there is not enough cultural awareness. Leaders in the community treat people friendly, because they either know them already or read their personalities. In a diverse community, it is essential that the members of that community be aware of other members in the community. Knowledge is power and people can learn a lot by just paying attention to the actions of others. To strengthen the community, cultural awareness is the key factor to improve the whole community. If everyone were to on an individual basis strive to improve cultural awareness, then a cultural diverse community will follow.

Chino? Where is that, is the question I usually receive upon stating the city which I reside in, I say "it's next to Pomona", and that is followed by an ohhhhh. I have lived in Chino, California for thirteen years now, a community I am familiar with, I attended four of the schools in the area, and seen it industrialize over the years. At my house we know when our usual mail carrier is on vacation, my elementary D.A.R.E. officer still waves to me when we see each other, the cashier at Stater Bros knows our family, the mall is where I held my first job, and I still hang out with my friends that I met 13 years ago. There is not a week that goes by without there being pro-life protesters praying in front of the free clinic, and the only time there is no one skating at the skate park is because of the weather conditions. I know at which hours I should avoid driving anywhere near the schools when school lets out, and I can go back to my elementary, junior high, and high school teachers and they know me and my parents. I know the area like the back of my hand, from where my high school soccer coach lives to where the sale of narcotics is happening, I know and am involved in my community. The library, city hall, police station, post office, and park are all located a whole .5 whopping miles away from my house; it is not that the city is extremely tiny; it is more that I am located right in the middle. When readings the article this statement made me thankful for my Neighborhood, "The results indicate that weak neighborhood social organization is indirectly related to delinquency through its associations with parenting behavior and peer deviance and that a focus on just 1 of these Microsystems can lead to oversimplified models of risk for juvenile offending" (Chung L. H. 2006). My neighbor hood is extremely close everyone is always looking out for each other. An example is a neighbor down the street had a halfway house, within a week the family with four young children living right next to the halfway house went door to door to inform the block and ask for signatures to petition against the halfway house. My block is a diverse collection of individuals, a lesbian couple, a middle-aged Caucasian man with two Asian roommates, a single father with two children, a Hispanic family, a Caucasian couple who house the streets stray cats, and my biracial family; that is just my surrounding neighbors, there is a whole block of different cultural households which are important. The mayor himself had this to say, "In the City of Chino, people are our most important resource, hence our motto, "The People Are the City" we welcome the involvement and commitment that produces a greater quality of life with citizens and city government working in partnership" (Mayor Paul M. Eaton 2007), like he said people are the most important thing, making their culture most important being that is what makes them who they are. In my community with it being so diverse, there is not enough cultural awareness. A community with diversity should have individuals that show awareness of other cultures, because if the community does not bother to grasp the concepts while they are happening during their lives then there is no real benefit of...

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