cultural diversity in health and social care

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The GCSE Health and Social Care:
actively engages students in the processes of Health and Social Care to help them develop as effective and independent learners encourages students to understand aspects of personal development and the health, social care and early-years sectors through investigation and evaluation of a range of services and organisations develops a critical and analytical approach to problem-solving within the health, social-care and early-years sectors examines issues which affect the nature and quality of human life including an appreciation of diversity and cultural issues develops Double Award students' awareness of the influences on an individual's health and well-being, and an understanding of the importance of motivation and support when improving health.

sixty per cent of the subject content for each award will be completed under controlled conditions, assessed internally by teachers and moderated by AQA. forty per cent of the subject content will be assessed externally.

In the 20th century, the government accepted the need to care for all its citizens 'from the cradle to the grave', and there was a greater focus than ever before on the health of the nation.

Key developments in public health

Key steps in the development of the public health policies of today include:

1918: After the First World War, the British Prime Minister Lloyd George promised the soldiers returning from the battlegrounds of Europe 'homes fit for heroes'. The government set itself a target of building half-a-million decent homes by 1933.

1919: A Ministry of Health was set up to look after sanitation, health care and disease, as well as the training of doctors, nurses and dentists, and maternity and children's welfare.

1921: Local authorities were required to set up TB sanatoria.

Walter Elliot, Minister of Agriculture, with two children in 1934, during campaign for free school milk Walter Elliot, Minister of Agriculture, with two...
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