Cultural Diversity and Globalization

Topics: Culture, Globalization, Cultural assimilation Pages: 2 (551 words) Published: June 24, 2013
Cultural Diversity is more important than Globalization
Hello, honorable judges, ladies and gentlemen. First, please let me introduce myself. My name is Yang Lei. It’s my great honor to be here and share my opinion. Today my topic is cultural Diversity is more important than globalization. With the development of globalization, great changes have taken place in every aspect of people's life. Besides economic globalization, cultural globalization is also common in our daily life. Look at these two pictures. Yeah, all of us must be so familiar with them. They’re KFC and McDonald’s. It’s quite common to see this kind of western fast restaurant everywhere in China. Nowadays, we live in a “global village”. With increasing cultural globalization, we are in the process of becoming the same kind of people, the “world people”, and losing our unique characters in our culture. Is cultural globalization a good thing or a bad thing? We cannot simply say that because every coin has two sides. But as far as I’m concerned, cultural diversity is more important than globalization. First, cultural diversity makes our lives more colorful. Please look at these pictures. We can see different architectures. They are very beautiful, aren’t they? Yeah, If everything in the world is the same, we must feel kind of bored. It is because cultural diversity that brings us so much colorfulness. Second, cultural diversity can preserve traditions and cultures. Technology has allowed humans to travel and communicate on a global level. This has led to people spreading out from their point of origin. Over the course of generations, older and smaller cultures and traditions are being lost as a result. Embracing cultural diversity will aid in preserving some of these cultures and traditions. Last but not least, cultural diversity can grow acceptance and understanding. Learning about and experiencing other peoples' culture and traditions can greatly improve acceptance of others. People often...
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