Cultural diversity and Cultural shock

Topics: Culture, Sociology, Psychology Pages: 3 (957 words) Published: December 1, 2014
 Cultural diversity and Cultural shock

Variety of behavior found among the people within or far apart from the nation can be termed as cultural diversity. The way they live till the way they think varies, within the one from next culture. It can be seen within the community, where the people from around the world lives and the way of thinking varies from us. It is one of the great aspects of life too in which we can learn about other cultures and learn the way they see. It not only helps to learn but also helps in building the great relationship within them because we will start to know many more about them. It can be seen that the thing which are seen as good in one culture are resembled as bad in the next culture. Due to these people having variety of minds doing same work gives good results because they think in their way to accomplish and variety of ways can be chosen.

I want to start from my own country as I have seen cultural diversity many more in it. Having the land of about 147,181 km it consists of people of different cultural groups and ethnicity. Each of them follow their own and have their own aspects. Our country was termed as the garden consisting of various color flowers within it. In which various color flowers referred to the people of different culture and ethnic group living under the same roof. As I am Hindu, we have our own culture which does not match with next religions. Each one has their own saying and their own god. We put Tika in our religion whereas Christian culture doesn't. We have more than thousand god but in many culture they have only one god. In our culture anyone are allowed to go to the Temple. In Muslim community, girls are not permitted to go to the mosque and schools too. They think that it is sin and ask girls to cover their faces and body with Burkhas so that only her husband and the family members can see her face. It is the diversity too because it does not happen in our Hindu...
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