Cultural Div in Professns

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Importance of Understanding Cultural, Ethnic, and Gender Difference Chamberlain College of Nursing

Diversity in the workplace is the differences, cultural, ethnic, and gender, among the individuals who work there. Understanding the differences among these individuals, business professionals and managers can capitalize on the talent along with the new and fresh prospective they bring. Understanding this diversity also aids in effective communication. As many of today’s businesses are on the global markets, communication can elevate the business or cause its demise. Putting all these elements together, managers can improve overall workplace performance, utilize their resources effectively, and reduce costs. With the diversity combination of culture, gender, ethnic background, and life experiences, every individual has the potential for new skill sets, problem approaches, and strengths, all leading to increased employee satisfaction (Harvey & Allard, 2011).

Creativity plays an important role in the overall success of any organization. Creativity is fostered in a diverse workplace. Creativity and innovation is the one factor that can give one company the edge over another. Managers must openly encourage new ideas and problem-solving strategies. Employees seek acceptance from superiors and the acceptance allows all ideas, no matter where they are generated, to flow freely without the feeling of inferiority. Having a number of ideas from individuals from different backgrounds, genders, ethnicities, and even departments makes it easier to develop and obtain a workable answer. Members of these very different groups offer insightful alternatives that may have not been considered. This is an immense advantage of workplace diversity (Harvey & Allard, 2011).

The increase in globalization of businesses require more personal interaction and communication skills. An organization can tap into its diverse resources and have immediate access to those with the needed particular skill set. These individuals can give them inside on specific cultural expectations when communicating thus easing the crossover transition for the organization (Herrman, 2012). Managers realize that the resources held at home help aid in culture proficiency. Using these resources to gain new insight into the particular culture, marketing their product is more effective.

There is something unique about every culture, ethnic group, and gender. These differences have a profound impact on communication and everyday interactions both inside and outside the organization. Each culture has its particulars on problem-solving, its behavior, and interactions. By understanding cultural diversity and its importance, and recognizing the internal resources, managers are able to influential in bringing new ideas, communication skills, increased productivity, and possible cost savings to the organization (Harvey & Allard, 2011). This leads to an organizational environment that fosters difference for the good and increases employee satisfaction.

The ball and sock experience really opened my eyes to the everyday things that I take for grants. Something as simple as having to use a different hand for everyday activities of daily living can have a major effect on one’s life. I spent half of the day as a left handed person. Although I was able to function, I found it difficult to do things that I normally do with ease. Everything felt awkward. I simply felt out of place in my home attempting to be normal. I have to say that attempting to dress was the hardest for me. Having to lead with my left hand everything was twice as hard. After some time, tasks did become easier but I always had to think about my movements before I did them. The exercise was great because it allowed me to see how it was to be different, and something as small as being left handed brought dramatic change to my life. It’s the same with...

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