Cultural Differences

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Cultural Differences
SOCS-350: Cultures Diversity
March 2014

Cultural Differences
Workplace diversity is defined as “ways that people differ that may affect their workplace experiences in terms of performance, motivation, and communication” (Harvey, 2011, p. xiv). It is important to have an understanding of cultural, ethnic and gender differences by managers and professionals in order to have an effective working environment. This can be accomplished when managers and professionals are able to understand their own identities, race/ethnicity, and their own biasness. While attempting to overcome our own biasness can be challenging, acknowledging them can prevent us from discriminating actions (Harvey, 2011). Diversity of cultures in the workplace can be beneficial. It can increase job satisfaction, performance, as well as creativity when employees are able to work in a stress free environment with respectful to one another’s differences. According to Harvey (2011), “To foster organizational environments that are positive and productive, employers must be aware of the strengths and assets that each generation as a group brings to their organizations, and become skilled in dealing with individuals from each generation as subordinates, supervisors and customers” (p,162). While there are beneficial influences from diversity in the workplace, there are also challenges that can be encountered. When dealing with a diverse group of cultures, negative attitudes towards one another can arise, such as “prejudice, stereotyping and discrimination” (Green, et al., 2002, p. 2). Such negativity can lead to complaints, a poor working environment, and the loss of employees. By offering culture diversity awareness training to management and employees, organizations can create a successful diverse working environment and effective teamwork.

Other challenges of diversity in the workplace that is dealt with are differences in gender roles...

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