Cultural Deifference Between English and Arabic

Topics: Egypt, Culture, Egyptian Arabic Pages: 4 (850 words) Published: February 7, 2012
TI: Title
Translation in the News Media
AU: Author
Sasot de Coffey, Maria Josefina Tapia
SO: Source
Babel, 1992, 38, 1, 59-63
AB: Abstract
Unique characteristics of translation for news media are outlined: (1) greater freedom in handling the original text; (2) preference for simple language & structures, given the mass character of the audience; (3) the use of localisms & neologisms permitted by the geographical, temporal, & cultural delimitation of the audience; (4) significant limitations of time & space, requiring ready references & good summarizing skills; & (5) the function of the translator as retranslator & editor of texts, in both the source & target languages. Other tasks of the journalistic translator include literary translation for supplements, draft translations, oral/sight translation, precis, interpretation at interviews, etc. The professionalization of journalistic translation is also discussed. Adapted from the source document

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TI: Title
Egyptian and American Compliments: A Cross-Cultural Study AU: Author
Nelson, Gayle L; El Bakary, Waguida; Al Batal, Mahmoud
SO: Source
International Journal of Intercultural Relations, 1993, 17, 3, summer, 293-313
AB: Abstract
A quantitative & qualitative investigation of Egyptian & American compliments. Interview Ss (N = 20 Egyptian & 20 American university students) provided a corpus of 60 Egyptian & 60 American compliments. The data were analyzed for compliment form, attributes praised, relationship between the compliment giver & receiver, gender(s) of the compliment giver & receiver, & compliment frequency. Questionnaires were also administered to Egyptian & American students (N = approximately 240 each). Interviews & questionnaires were conducted in the Ss' native languages. Results suggested similarities such as adjectival compliments, use of a limited...

References: SO: Source
International Journal of Intercultural Relations, 1997, 21, 3,
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