Cultural Competency

Topics: Cultural diversity, Difference, Culture Pages: 3 (908 words) Published: September 4, 2013
Cultural Competency
I approached a social worker who works with a charity organization. The organization helps children from different cultural background who due to poverty they cannot afford basic needs such as place to stay, education and food. The organization comes to their aid by providing the basic necessities to them. The organization tends to deal with children from diverse cultural backgrounds. As a result a number of challenges are faced when dealing with the children. In order to understand how the organization is able to deal with cultural diversity I approached a social worker who works with the organization.

The name of the social worker was Mary James who is the managing director the organization that houses the children in question. Her responsibility is to oversee the day to day running of the home. She is supposed to prepare policies, standards and other guiding principles in the organization so that there can be cultural competency among the employees. Given that the employees deal with a family of diverse children who comes from different cultural and ethnical background there is need for cultural competency to be enhanced. Peaceful consistency among these children as well as handling them in a manner that bring equality is a task that requires Mary to be careful. She is supposed to ensure that the children live as a family despite their cultural and ethnical differences.

The children that she works with come from different cultural background and this is a major challenge in making them accept their differences and live in harmony as a family. The children comes from Asian, African and Mexican cultural background and this present a challenge in making these three groups of people to live together in harmony. First, they have different approaches in the way they tackle different life issues and it is not an easy task to make them come to accept the unique way of dealing with life issues that have been adopted by the organization...
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