Cultural Comparison of Brazil and Sweden

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Cultural Comparison of Brazil and Sweden
1. Sweden

1.1 Facts
Sweden is officially called the Kingdom of Sweden as it is a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy. The current king is called Carl Gustav XVI. Geographically Sweden is part of the Scandinavian Peninsula and has borders in the west to Norway, in the east to Finland and is connected to Denmark by the Øresund Bridge.
Further it is the third largest country in the European Union and extends to about 450 000 square kilometers. It approximately consists of 9.4 million inhabitants. This is a relatively low population density compared to other European countries with only 21 people per square kilometer. Over 85% of the population lives in the urban area in the southern half. There can also be found the capital city and at the same time the biggest city of Sweden, Stockholm.
The official language is Swedish but most of the population speaks very good English as second language. Minority languages are Finish and an indigenous language called Saami spoken in the north. Further the country has a high developed economy and one of the fastest economic growths in Europe in 2010.

1.2 Professional life

1.2.1 Power distance

Professional life in Sweden is dominated by egalitarianism and principles related to this view. People there are likely to see everybody as on the same level without looking at statuses, gender or age. This is represented in the modestly hierarchic organizations with flat structures. Managers like to see themselves more like a coach for their employees. It has to be said that people there focus more on personal responsibility. Therefore status and titles are of relatively low importance with colleagues which is also the reason why they often call each other by first names. Another important point is the high gender equality. 43% of the parliamentarians are women. Also many female are found in top management positions. Sweden is known to be the country with the highest

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