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Topics: Culture, Perception, High school Pages: 4 (1288 words) Published: March 4, 2015
CMM 470: Intercultural Communication
Dr. Alex Stana
Spring 2015

Roots Paper: Writing instructions
Available points: 100
Length: 2 pages, double spaced, 12 Times New Roman font
Due date: February 25

What is your understanding of your cultural identity at this moment in your life? Has this understanding changed over the past few years? Has it changed over the past semester, or since you became part of the Fayetteville State University community? Has your cultural identity always been similar to what you understand it to be today?

This paper requires you to identify, describe and explain how you understand your cultural identity. The paper also requires you to historicize your understanding of your cultural identity, comparing and contrasting your understanding of your cultural identity today with previous understandings of your cultural identity. This paper challenges you to explore your present and previous understandings of your cultural identity, or perhaps, more accurately, your cultural identities. I was born in Germany due to my mothers association to the United States Army. My mother is from Chicago, IL and my father comes from Cheraw, SC. My family predominantly speaks English. I don’t believe any one I'm my family is bilingual with English as their second language. These qualities along with my skin tone and family background history place me in the African American nationality category. Aside from my birth in Germany, I have spent my whole life within the confines of America. As I previously stated I am a military dependent and for this reason I incorporate many different subcultures within my cultural identity. I am the oldest of four children (two boys;22&11, two girls; 19&16). As for my current cultural identity I would classify myself a middle class African American male college student. My current occupation other than going to school is part time job at a Child Youth and Activities (Middle/ High School) Center. My interests range...
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