Cultural Change in Organization

Topics: Strategic management, Culture, Management Pages: 2 (469 words) Published: September 8, 2011
To understand what a leader can do to promote cultural change that helps improve the overall effectiveness of an organization, first we need to understand when and why cultural change needed in organization. - Cultural change needed when an organization does not possess a healthy culture, or requires some kind of organizational culture change. - Cultural change may be necessary to reduce employee turnover, influence employee behavior, make improvements to the company, refocus the company objectives and/or rescale the organization, provide better customer service, and/or achieve specific company goals and results. - Cultural change is the toughest task leader will face. Leader must win the hearts and minds of the people in organization. - Leader can take below steps to promote cultural change that helps improve the overall effectiveness of an organization. - Leaders must first determine why change is necessary. Leaders should assemble evidence in support of the change. This begins with the leader taking stock of his or her own role in the change. Accountability on the part of the leader will result in more credibility when the leader asks for others to be held accountable. - Leader should create a sense of urgency for understanding how performance will suffer if the change does not occur. It is important for leaders to create dissatisfaction with humility and without assigning blame. Change is a necessary part of every organization. - Leaders must communicate a compelling vision for the future. - Leader should describe future goals. Everyone must understand “where we are going.” This includes broad strategic objectives and also specific, concrete goals. - Leaders should inspire others to believe in their vision. Leader should describe to all levels of the organization, what the change means for individuals, teams, business units, and the organization as a whole. Whenever possible, leaders can also emphasize high principle. - Leader should lead the...
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