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Topics: Indigenous peoples of the Americas, Indigenous peoples, New World Pages: 5 (1682 words) Published: December 18, 2014
Victims of Progress

Sydnee Irene Masuen

Monterey Peninsula College

Keywords: Modernization, Victims of Progress, Indigenous Peoples

Indigenous people of this world are very important to our society, and the reason for this being is because there are not a lot of indigenous people left in this world. Modernization has wiped out, and is continuing to wipe out more and more of the indigenous people in this world. These indigenous people are not willingly giving up there life to modernization, but are being forced into because they have no other choice but to. With their land being taken over, and things that are disrupting their traditional diets it makes it hard for the indigenous people to continue how they have lived their lives for hundreds if not thousands of years making them victims of progress. People could say disease is what is killing them off, but in all reality it is the modernization that is forcing them to move, and be more susceptible to these new diseases that are slowly killing them off. We need cultures like this in our world because even though most people don’t realize they even exist they still teach us new stuff. They are important to this world just like our culture is important to this world. Modernization is what has caused these indigenous people to become victims of progress. Body

The definition of modernization is a progressive transition from a pre-modern/traditional society to a modern society. That is what the indigenous people are being forced to do, is to become a part of the modern society and form to the new ways. The article “The Tractor Invasion” is a really good example of the Xavante being forced to do something because of the modernization that is going on around them. They were forced to leave their land because of agribusiness, and they didn’t have any say in it because they don’t “own the land”. Colonialism has a big part in moving the indigenous people off of their land because everything is based off of profit now. The people that were cutting down the trees to make fields for crops to grow on in “The Tractor Invasion” were doing so to make profits, and they weren’t doing it just to grow crops that they can eat. “Why Can’t People Feed Themselves” is a good example of how colonialism is affecting the indigenous people. The indigenous people used to grow crops just for themselves to live off of, and now since modernization has happened it has turned into growing crops for profit.

Because of modernization everything has turned into profit, and a good example of this is “The Inuit Paradox”. Although these indigenous people can’t grow crops where they live, modernization has affected them too. For thousands of years they have lived off an almost fully pure meat diet. Since places are advancing and there are becoming more stores all over the world that means that these stores are becoming closer to indigenous people. When these store become closer to indigenous people it makes it easier for them to access it therefore changing their traditions, and their way of doing things that they have been doing for thousands of years. This causes modernization to have an effect on their life too making them victims of progress as well. Making the indigenous people change their ways has a huge effect on their lives in many ways. The article “The Price of Progress” talks about how indigenous people are being forced to change because of different countries, cities, and communities. These countries are changing the way that they are doing things, and are trying to take over the indigenous people’s resources and are taking advantage of these people because the only reason they want these people to move is for their natural resources. Causing these people to move makes them change their lifestyle completely because moving to a new place means, new resources, new food, and new diseases. Discussion

Learning about the indigenous people and how they did things completely...

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