Cultural and Political Forces Influence International Marketing Activity.

Topics: Republic of China, Japan, Republic Pages: 2 (400 words) Published: January 7, 2007
Cultural and political forces influence international marketing activity. Discuss the impact of these forces and illustrate your answers with examples. Cultural
•Language. Will language be a barrier to communication for you? Does your host nation speak your national language? What is the meaning of your brand name in your host country's language? •Customs: what customs do you have to be aware of within the country? This is important. You need to make sure you do not offend while communicating your message. •Social factors: What are the role of women and family within society? •Religion: How does religion affect behaviour?

•Values: what are the values and attitudes of individuals within the market? For example:
Doing research:
1. Cultural difference - Different countries should have different culture, here is the example conducting research in different countries --- one company conduct supermarket research about SPAGHETTI in Italy, Germany ....however it shows that the result is Germany people like to buy SPAGHETTI more than Italy and make marketer have a wrong decision to put more business in Germany (Whats problem....?) The error of Cultural difference .... Finally it find out that Italian like to eat SPAGHETTI but they don't like to buy in smaller pack in supermarket, they like to buy bulk purchase in the store, so when collecting data or conducting research in foreign countries, Cultural difference is very important. 2. Language -translate research to local language , use back translation (e.g. Find people A to translate questionnaire e.g. Chinese to French and find other people B to put that French wording to Chinese again to look at the difference)and parallel translation (find more than 2 people to translate the questionnaire, to look at their translate difference ) Political

-government legislation regulating business
-changes in government agency enforcement
-emphasis on social regulations
-emphasis on ethical regulations...
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