Cultural Analysis: Truth Anti-Tobacco Campaign on Crazyworld Ads

Topics: Tobacco, Tobacco industry, Pages: 4 (1475 words) Published: October 12, 2013
Cultural Analysis of Truth anti-tobacco campaign on “Crazyworld” ad

Through ads such as the “Crazyworld” series, the Truth campaign gains viewing power, which adds to its ethos appeal, by creating its own standard and recognition for itself. The constant “Truth” icon that appears toward the end of each anti-tobacco ad with its own endorsement further adds to the campaign’s ability of making a name for itself. With a confrontational and bold approach to its projects, reinforced with rhetorical appeals and centered on the addictiveness of tobacco and its long-term effects, Truth has captivated interest, recognition, and awareness of the teenage demographic, which are the most vulnerable to smoking due to being those who are the most impressionable and most likely to take risks. The Truth spreads its influence via major TV networks and media by commercials, paper ads, promotional extras including clothing and its own website (Farrelly). By channeling the idea of rebellion against authority to the tobacco industry through projects that grab the attention by pop culture references and high technology, the truth campaign has created a popular communication tool to gear the prevention of smoking among youth in a positive direction. Since Truth’s creation and following its initial introduction, evidence of youth’s awareness of anti-tobacco campaigns overall increased by ninety-four percent, from twenty-four to forty-six percent (Farrelly).

“Crazyworld” is a fictional fair created by the Truth organization as part of an on-going ad campaign with an aim to reach teenagers to stop addiction to tobacco products among youth in the world. The “Crazyworld” prison ad in particular features a solid rhetorical stance both in a visual and textual format to persuade the viewer the seriousness and consequence of smoking. The “Crazyworld” ad, found in the way of online posters and in “postcard” formats on, proves to have provided an advantage for...

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