Cultural Analysis

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Cultural Analysis
Dustin Dungan
MBA 56

Culture is one of the most import elements within any organization. An organization needs to identify its culture and lead its employees into the future. E.H. Schein, (2006) states that the use of surveys will not help in identifying an organizations culture. He states that the survey would have to be several hundred questions, and still the organization would not know which dimensions are important. Schein states that one of the steps in identifying a company’s culture is that a person needs to define a person’s own culture. Every person is unique because of his or her religious beliefs, political beliefs, and hobbies.

Two companies that will be analyzed about their cultures will be the Kansas City, Kansas, Police Department and McDonalds. Eight major elements of their cultures will be analyzed as well as their values, symbols, heroes, rituals, informal rules, organizational communication style, history, and place. The Kansas City, Kansas Police Department’s purpose is to protect the citizens and visitors of Kansas City, Kansas. The Police Department enforces Federal laws, State laws, and City Ordinances. The purpose of McDonalds is to sell a fast food product. They are still one of the leading competitors in this field in the world. Only Subway has more restaurants than McDonalds throughout the world.

The history of the two companies will be analyzed first, so the reader can understand the background for each company. The McDonalds Corporation was established in 1955 by a man named Ray Kroc. In 1954 he founded a small and successful restaurant in San Bernardino, California that was run by two brothers, Dick and Mac McDonald. He approached the brothers about a vision of creating a McDonalds franchise and having restaurants all over the United States. In 1960 Ray Kroc bought the exclusive rights to the McDonalds name and today McDonalds is known all over the world. Ray Kroc built a strong culture with the franchisees within the McDonalds Company and his vision statement was “Working not for McDonald’s, but for themselves, together with McDonalds.”

The Kansas City, Kansas Police Department was established in 1896, and at the time, it had 46 employees. The Kansas City, Kansas Police Department has been very innovative throughout its history with being one of the first departments to have a motorcycle unit in 1914, taking photographs and fingerprints of arrestees in 1918, and in 1934 becoming, the first police department west of the Mississippi River to install a two-way radio communications system.

For McDonalds, the hero would have to be Ray Kroc, who took the company to greatness. Ray Kroc wanted to create a company that had high quality and a uniform method in preparing the food. He wanted his food to be the same in Alaska as it was in Alabama. He created this slogan for his franchisees and suppliers, “In business for yourself, but not by yourself.” He rewarded and encouraged innovation with some most famous menu items like the Big Mac, Happy Meal, and Egg McMuffin being created by franchisees. His legacy ended in January of 1984, but he never stopped working for McDonalds even when he was in a wheelchair.

A current hero within the Kansas City, Kansas Police Department is its new Chief of Police, Ellen Hanson. She is a nationally-recognized chief and has brought some different ideas to the Police Department. She seems to really care about the police officers and was loved by all her officers from her former department, Lenexa, Kansas. She was raised in Kansas City, Kansas around 30th and Parallel. She has brought a new approach to the department in caring for the officers that work for her, unlike the Chief of Police whom she replaced. At any time during the day she may bring muffins to your office and set down and talk with you. Although she will only be here for a short period of time, one can only...
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