Cultural Activities Are Important

Topics: Marriage, The Culture, Anthropology Pages: 2 (525 words) Published: October 9, 2012

Culture is the customs, ideas, and beliefs of a particular society and country while cultural activities are activities that connected to the culture. For instances, there is a culture in Northern Bangladesh which make a wedding ceremony for frogs as a way to call the rain pouring down. Every country in this world has different culture and way how to practice or believe it. However does all the activity give benefits to the mankind? Maybe some are important but the others sometimes seem like wasting, opposite from religion and old fashioned.

Often, some activities need a lot of money to celebrate it. Not a number, not a hundreds but thousands of 'ringgit' to spend just for one ceremony. It has been tradition in Malays people to celebrate a new married couple with “persandingan” to introduce their new member of the family to all the relatives and neighbourhood. Of course they can but try to look at the implication. How much money that they have to spend for it? Much right? This probably will lead to a waste of money. They can try to go house by house of their relatives to introduce him or her. So, it is not compulsory to do something like that.

There are also some activities that are not relevant at all to do or believe. They also make us step away from our religion’s belief and make us become lost. Everyone knows that every religion teach their followers to believe on their God only especially in Islam. They teach every Muslim to give their full confident and trust towards their God. So, if they start to believe on other spirit, they have already move away from their religion. For instances, some Malays believe that ‘mandi bunga’ can throw away their bad luck. However, if we think logically there is no bad luck in this world unless yours carelessness which the one make you do not have a better life every day.

In addition, in this era of technology people will call you old-fashioned for believing or...
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