Culinary Arts

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Industrial Training 1






Mr. Mohd Naim bin Ahamad

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1.0Preface2.0Introduction3.0Task Assigned 3.1 Daily Task 3.1.1 Swez Brasserie 3.1.2 Banquet Malay 3.1.3 Pastry 3.1.4 Banquet Western 3.1.5 French National Day 3.2 Challenges 3.2.1Swez Brasserie 3.1.2 Banquet Malay 3.1.3 Pastry 3.1.4 Banquet Western 3.3 Unforgettable Events 3.3.1Breaking of Fast 3.3.2 Pasty Kitchen4.0Company Analysis 4.1 SWOT analysis 4.1.1 Strengths 4.1.2 Weaknesses 4.1.3 Opportunities 4.1.4 Threats5.0Recommendation 5.1 Suggestions 5.1.1 Weaknesses 5.1.2 Threats6.0Conclusion7.0References8.0Appendices| 346611131722262626262727272828282829303132323233343738| 1.0 Preface

The purpose of this report is to fulfill the internship requirement of the Diploma in Culinary Arts program offered at Management and Science University. This report is written to focus primarily on the tasks assigned, successes and shortcomings that I encountered when handling said tasks by the supervisor as well as lessons learnt from my time spent at the industrial training site, which in this case was Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya.

While I was employed at the hotel as a trainee I had the opportunity to work at four different kitchen outlets, namely Swez Brasserie (Coffeehouse), Banquet Muslim, Pastry and Banquet Western respectively in the course of eighty-four days. This report summarizes my experience and learning during my time spent at the hotel from the month of July to September.

Since it was a course spanding of three months, much were learnt and it is only substanstial to concoct the recommendations as my performance during the internship will be chronicled into the following pages of this report. Therefore, the report will give a handful of comments that I have come up with. It is very much hoped that this report will serve as a cardinal vehicle to the internship program.

I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to God, for surrounding me with the people that have helped me in these three months. My parents, who diligently sends me to and fro the hotel, my sister for giving me encouragement, my lecturers, Chef Naim and Madam Anna, employees of Eastin, my colleagues and Kak Hajjar, a trainee as am I.

1.0 Introduction

On the 4th of July 2011, I reported to Eastin Hotel as a trainee. The company had welcomed its employees into the establishment pleasantly as we were greeted by the Director of Human Resource, Ruth Abishegam, herself on our first day there. She had the newly appointed permanent staff introduce themselves and we had each been given a couple of cutleries, a handbook, our very own nametag and our very own locker key.

After that, my colleagues and I went to get our uniforms, to my surprise, as I did not expect I was to be sent straight to the kitchen as opposed to one whole day of orientation. Nevertheless, my nerves were calmed as my senior at my first kitchen outlet was the friendly Demi Chef, Kak Nurul. Firstly, the Sous Chef, Chef Sori gave me a tour of the kitchen and the coffeehouse.

Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya...
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