Cuisine and Culture

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Aria Amato

Cuisine and Culture Assignment

Throughout the United States, millions of people celebrate Oktoberfest in honor of the Germans’ world-famous annual festival. In the US, Oktoberfest brings a diverse crowd who are all commemorating the culture, heritage, and traditions of Germany. However, nothing compares to the real deal; a 16-18 day festival that occurs in Munich, Germany that attracts around six million visitors.

Traditionally, the celebrations begin the first Saturday after September 15th and ends on the first Sunday in October. Lukas Parkas, a local photographer, shows only a glimpse of the experience in the photograph below. His captivating photographs prove the significance of this festival and intrigued us to get the full scoop on what Oktoberfest consists of and what makes it the largest public festival in the world.

September 22, 2012. One of many toasts that were raised. Lukas Parkas.

“O’ zapft is!” (“It’s tapped!”), hollered Munich’s mayor, Christian Ode, with the habitual tapping of the first keg. This famous saying announces the successful opening of the first quarrel of beer and excites the masses of beer enthusiasts that surround. This year marked the 179th Oktoberfest, where folks bring their hunger and thirst to where the beer and food offers abundant satisfaction. Massive tents owned by various breweries, restaurants, and other enterprises occupy the area with the millions of visitors around the world. My first reaction; why can’t the United States host such a ginormous, pleasurable, 2 week long festivity?

In the 1800’s when King Ludwig married Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen, the couple invited the citizens of Munich to celebrate the royal event. The fields in front of the city gates were where they celebrated for five days, with a horse race as the main attraction. Anniversary celebrations were held there annually, becoming more elaborate and extravagant every year. This celebration...
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