Cue for Treason Character Analysis

Topics: Geoffrey Trease, Acts of the Apostles, Risk Pages: 2 (664 words) Published: June 13, 2013
Daniel Ferrato
Mrs. Alilovic
April 8, 2013
Cue For Treason
In Cue For Treason, written by Geoffrey Trease, we are introduced to the main Character, Peter Brownrigg. Peter’s neighbors and family break down the wall blocking the common lands and that’s when the adventure begins. This adventure Peter goes through shows how ambitious, independent, and brave he is. Peter’s traits are unveiled while he is on his adventure. These traits make Peter successful on his adventure and turn him into a man.

Ambition means to have a goal and do what it takes to complete it, Peter was very ambitious on his adventure, he completed all his goals, no matter how big the risks were, he never gave up. He didn’t stop at any costs when fleeing from Sir Philip Morton, as Peter made his way to London. Peter demonstrates acts of ambition when he never stopped as he was fleeing from Sir Philip, he never even stopped when Mr. Desmond got injured and couldn’t go on, and Peter still followed his goal and made his way London. Peter also demonstrated ambitious acts while he was swimming from the island that he was held captive on. While Peter was swimming he got tired from swimming such a long distance, he was only half way and got really tired, and had doubts he would even make it, but Peter was ambitious and chose to push himself and keep going to save the Queen. Peter was very ambitious as he went through various obstacles and life threatening moments, but he never gave up, he even traveled alone when it came to it.

Independence means thinking and acting for oneself and surviving on their own, Peter was really independent, there were times he traveled alone and managed on his own. Peter went alone without any company or even his pony Nathaniel, while running away from Sir Philip. Peter demonstrated independence by being alone and making his own decisions, and surviving on his own. In addition to that, he also made his way home after escaping the island that he was held...
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