Cue for Treason

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Tia Berardi
Monday April 2nd 2012
Several Characters Can Have Loyalty
Not everyone possesses the quality of loyalty, but those that do are worth having a relationship with. The author of Cue for Treason, Geoffry Trease, demonstrates this trait in many of the characters. The most loyal bond in this book, which took place very early on in the novel, was Peter and Kit’s. One of the most significant bonds has to be amongst the Secret Agents, the Queen, and all of England. Lastly, the most heroic form of loyalty is portrayed by Tom Boyd, Peter, and Kit. Each one of these characters do not betray each other once. So, several characters in the novel show loyalty to one another throughout.

Peter and Kit are faced with the challenge to be completely loyal to each other from a very early stage. Kit keeps a secret from everyone because it could possibly destroy her. Peter is put to the test when he figures out she is a girl pretending to be a boy. This is discovered when they are physically fighting, and Kit is pushed on her chest. Peter proves his loyalty verbally, “‘I shant tell anyone,’ [Peter] said. ‘You won’t? Thanks Peter. Ever so much’“(Trease, 85). Kit thanks Peter graciously when he agrees to stay loyal to her. He could easily ruin Kit out of jealousy, but he decides to be a good person and not betray her trust so early on. Their relationship can only progress from this point… and it does. When Kit knew Sir Philip would be attending one of Shakespeare’s plays; she knew she couldn’t show up because of their situation. When she came strolling in after this play, Burbage threatened to thrash her. Peter, knowing Kit’s secret about her sex orientation, stands up for her and did not allow it. Knowing he can face drastic consequences, he still says something, “’You mustn’t,’ I shouted, clutching his arm. ‘You mustn’t, really, Mr. Burbage’” (Trease 112). The duo proves to stick up for one another, no matter what the consequence may be. Kit and...

Cited: Trease, Geoffry. Cue for Treason. Toronto: Copp Clark Professional, 1993
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